Hama (Israel) is a non-profit organization in Israel committed to the healing and rehabilitation of humans and animals alike through Animal-Assisted Intervention (AAI). The unique linkage between human and animal welfare is the cornerstone of HAMA’s philosophy and activities.

The organization came to life in 1997 when Animal Assisted Intervention was in its infant stage of development in Israel. HAMA became an official registered Non Profit Organization for the Public Good (Israeli Registrar of Non-Profits, Paragraph 46a) in 2000 and has since become a leader and pioneer in establishing AAI (Animal Assisted Intervention) as a complementary therapeutic approach to conventional medical, psychological, and educational treatment.

Many of the animals whom we have rescued and rehabilitated from human abuse, neglect, and abandonment have in turn become important facilitators of human recovery and rehabilitation. HAMA serves citizens of all ages and ethnic, religious, and national backgrounds, with particular emphasis on on the elderly and children and families at risk from socio-economically distressed communities. We work exclusively in the public sector. Our programs are conducted under the auspices of social welfare agencies, hospitals, and educational institutions.